Thursday, January 26, 2006

Simon Hughes’s confession

Simon will doubtless have had his own reasons for pouring his heart out to Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun, a publication renowned for its enlightened approach to gay issues. This is summed up by the headline it gives today’s story: A second Limp-Dem MP confesses’

I am sure the news will have come as a massive shock to Lib Dem activists.

On other pages: “‘I said Hail Marys’ – Benedict XVI’s amazing admission.”


Will said...

"I ate pies" reveals fat man.

cymrumark said...

I read the sun article and its clear Simon has been found using a phone line service. In the normal course of events his private life would be nobodies business. However he told the Independent last week "I am not gay".

The revelations simply add to the sense that there is a culture of dishonesty within the lib dems. First the revelation of the dodgy donations to the general election funds and Kennedys office. Then the revelation that senior lib dems covered up Kennedys problems until such time as suited them to get rid. Then mark Oated parading his family around effectively inviting a scandal now Simon.

If you are outside the lib dem bubble things seem rather different to those on the inside.

Angus J Huck said...

Gosh. We've really put the wind up our political opponents, haven't we?

The press has declared war on us!

And I don't just mean the salacious drivel in the comics like the "News of the Screws" and the "Sun". I'm talking about serious broadsheets such as the "Independent" and the "Guardian", who are both peddling this ludicrous fiction that the Lib Dems are on the point of collapse. (If you tell a lie often enough... etc.) And the sanctimonious judgmental prurience from the "Daily Mail". Have Dacre's men nothing better to do than stalk people round Watford?

If the Liberal Democrats didn't pose a deadly threat to what Webster Tarpley calls the "invisible government", the press wouldn't even be talking about us. The fact that two senior Lib Dems have had their private lives put on parade within the space of a few days suggests that certain people are extremely worried.

The "invisible government" was certain that Cameron was a safe replacement for Blair. Now they're not so sure that Cameron will make it. These pesky Lib Dems with their obsessions with civil liberties, peace and the international rule of law are in the way.

Let's give them more of the same!