Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nice to see you... points mean prizes

It has taken me a while to recover from the new year. Not due to over-indulgence but rather the Daily Express front page headline, glimpsed in a fellow shopper’s basket in Sainsbury’s, which read ‘It should have been Sir Bruce’.

This was a reference to the entertainer Bruce Forsyth, who apparently received a CBE in the new year’s honours list. Someone in the Daily Express clearly believes this should have been a knighthood.

I remember an article many years ago in the Spectator by Auberon Waugh about a woman who committed suicide partly in reaction to the news that Forsyth was returning to our television screens. That may have been an overreaction! But had he been knighted I can well imagine that many Britons would have felt driven to make the ultimate sacrifice out of shame and embarrassment.

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