Sunday, August 27, 2006

Comment is liberated

My technological ineptitute has got the better of me.

Some while ago, some SPAM posts appeared on the blog – you know the kind of thing – 'Very nice, make some easy money by selling your soul to the Devil' etc. I decided to try and work out how to get rid of them, couldn't, gave it up as a bad job and left them there.

Since the blog has been largely inactive for a few months I thought no more about it. But I did wonder why the occasional posts I did make provoked no response at all. I don't expect mass readership and a heated debate. But I was surprised to be so anodyne and dull as to get no replies whatever.

Now I have realised that I had switched comment moderation on without realising it, but wasn't moderating and publishing the comments. So nothing ever appeared. My Watford Green Party adversary, Lobster Blogster, even accused me of censorship.

I have now corrected this and posted all the genuine comments and some of the SPAM ones from the last six months – some of them several times over. I may also have inadvertently deleted some. I don't know for certain. Thanks to all those who have posted.

My next task is to work out how to switch comment moderation off. This may happen straight away or it might take me several months. Watch this space!


Lobster Blogster said...

Pure nonsense, Iain. Never even mentioned your blog on Lobster Blogster.

Iain said...

My apologies lobster. I was misled by this. Clearly there is an imposter lobster impersonating you on the blogosphere and at Watford town hall.

Lobster Blogster said...

Apology accepted! Where exactly was the allegation of censureship though?

Iain said...

To say that I won't publish views different from my own on this blog is an accusation of censorship as I understand the term.

Perhaps in Lobsterland words lose their conventional defintition and mean whatever lobsters want them to!

Lobster Blogster said...

In Lobsterland we have no dictionaries because the paper goes all soggy.

You mention "censorship" in your item today about the proposed ban on violent pornography. If I understand you and the government correctly, this will be applied somewhat wider than just your own blog.