Friday, August 25, 2006

Another by-election gain from the Tories

A couple of posts ago, I said that if the Liberal Democrats are to be the party of localism, we have to do more than just win the odd local by-election.

However, winning council by-elections is nice too, so congratulations to all responsible for the victory in
Harrow Weald yesterday by a 200-vote margin, thus regaining a seat lost in the May elections. Harrow Lib Dems have had a torrid time of it over the last few years, from losing control of the council in 1998 to the nominations fiasco and disappointing election results this year.

Let’s hope this victory is the spur to a sustained fightback since on the face of it Harrow should be good Lib Dem territory. Given Harrow Weald’s proximity to us, it’s no surprise that Watford Lib Dems did their bit to help, even if my own role was confined to delivering the Good Morning leaflet in the rain yesterday. Others did rather more, most notably Stephen Giles-Medhurst whose former stamping ground Harrow is.

Anyway, the Tories appear to have been making quite a mess of things in Harrow since taking control in May, and have received an early bloody nose.

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