Friday, March 03, 2006

Highlight of the conference

Along with everyone else, I am off to Harrogate, which makes a nice change from Dereliction-on-Sea where we all had such a lovely time in September.

For many people the highlight of the conference will be Ming’s first speech as party leader. However, many of the more discerning delegates will have their eyes on the item immediately preceding it on the agenda at 11.10 on Sunday morning. This will provide an inspirational tale for all Lib Dems of heroic campaigning and Liberal Democrat principles in action in local government.

Yes, Watford Liberal Democrats have arrived – it won’t be long before we are sending the tanks into Hemel Hempstead!

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Lobster Blogster said...

I missed the Great Leader's presentation as I was warming myself in the Turkish Baths at the time. How did it go?