Thursday, March 02, 2006

First one to mention Joe McCarthy loses

I see that Ken Livingstone is accusing the Board of Deputies of British Jews of a McCarthyite witchhunt against him over the Oliver Finegold incident.

Nonsense! It is a rule of dinner-party discussion that the first one to mention the Nazis loses. The same should apply to McCarthyism.

In a free country, the Board of Deputies has got every right to try to persuade the Mayor to change his views on Israel. Democracy is about persuasion and argument after all.

And the Standards Board, through which the complaint was pursued, was created by the Labour government that Livingstone supports.

How very Labour to create such a body in a fit of holier-than-thou sanctimoniousness about standards in public life, but when it is used to question the standards of a Labour politician to accuse the complainant of McCarthyism.

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Angus J Huck said...

Correct, except that the Board of Deputies doesn't actually represent all or even a majority of the 248,000 people who tell census enumerators that they are Jewish.

The Deputies who comprise the Board are drawn, in the main, from orthodox synagogues, and not at all from those Jews who do not practice religion and/or choose to live outside their community.

We would never say that Alex Salmond speaks for all Scottish people, or Gerry Adams for every Northern Irish Roman Catholic.

When Greville Janner or someone similar claims that the Jewish community is offended by a politician's off-handedness with a journalist, we have to wonder how he knows.

By the way. It's a bit rich for Livingstone to excoriate the "Daily Mail" for supporting Hitler, when he gave political succour to the IRA, which also supported Hitler (and, like Eamon De Valera, enthusiastically endorsed Hitler's policy against the Jews).

By the way. Very many of McCarthy's victims were Jewish: a useful reminder that a lot of Jewish people refuse to be hoodwinked by neo-con placemen like Greville Janner.