Wednesday, February 22, 2006

League against Patricia Hewitt

On 26 January I wrote here of my fear and loathing of health secretary Patricia Hewitt arising from the blend of scorn, condescension and pity that characterised her tone of voice whenever she responds to criticism of government policy.

It is good to know that I am not alone. In Saturday's Scotsman, Joyce McMillan asks:

What is it, I sometimes ask myself, about Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary? As a feminist, I salute the brains and determination that have taken her to her present eminence. As a social democrat, I can only admire the years she has spent, in and out of parliament, working for good causes to do with human welfare and equality…

before adding that

every time I hear her voice or see her face on televison my freedom-loving soul begins to rebel. It's something to do with that ineffable tone of we-know-best do-goodery.

Unfortunately the full text of this article is not available online unless you pay the Scotsman lots of money.

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