Saturday, February 11, 2006

Curse of Toynbee

I like to think that posts on this blog are well-considered and thoughtful ruminations on issues of the day – which is perhaps why readership figures have been so low lately.

So some readers, especially younger ones who don't read the Guardian, may have puzzled by my wild-eyed denunciation of one of that newspapers best-known columnists in yesterday's post. I would encourage them to follow this link to see the curse of Toynbeeism at its worst and this excellent deconstruction of it by the world's favourite Liberal Democrat blogger.


Angus J Huck said...

What is not always appreciated about Mrs Mary Jenkins (aka "Polly Toynbee") is that she is a true-blooded, card-carrying member of the elite.

Her great-grandfather was Gilbert Murray, Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford, and one of the founders of the League of Nations. Her grandfather was the historian, Arnold Toynbee, and her father, Philip Toynbee, the journalist and writer.

The closest "Polly" ever comes to the poor and downtrodden is the rear fence of her Clapham back garden. Her daughters went to St Paul's girls' school, not the local "bog-standard comprehensive" which she would impose on the rest of us.

Clearly not a lady for practicing what she preaches.

Tristan said...

She's one of those 'intellecuals' Hayek warned against.
Socialism is a creed adopted because it means they have great importance in it.