Friday, July 11, 2008

That Cheeky Girls documentary

I missed Wednesday night's TV documentary on the 'Living' Channel, Living with the Cheeky Girls.

However, a member of my household saw 15 minutes and summarised it thus: the one who isn't engaged to Lembit complained that she wasn't getting any sex while the other one complained that she was getting too much.

Still, at least it means a Lib Dem MP on TV, no publicity is bad publicity and all that.

For those eager to find out more, there was a review in the London Paper here.


Anonymous said...

It was car crash TV, the exception to the rule that 'all publicity is good publicity'. It was a new low for the cheeky boy

Blue Dwarf said...

I understand that it all came to a head when all three went on a caravaning holiday. One Cheeky Girl had to sleep at the front end, while Lembit took the other Cheeky Girl up the rear end.