Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sidmouth wreck reminiscences

As the MSC Napoli salvage operation gets under way, I note Rod Liddle in last week's Spectator reminds us of the last notorious wreck on the Sidmouth coast. Back in 1974 a hovercraft sank after trying unsuccessfully to gain access to Sidmouth harbour. As Liddle puts it:

As the craft flapped pointlessly in the surf, many yards from shore, a magisterial figure in a smart suit emerged from within its bowels and waded, with steadfast expression and immense resolve, through the waves, a look of destiny upon his face. People looked on in amazement and trepidation. For it was the Right Honourable Jeremy Thorpe MP — and he’d come to do a spot of canvassing.

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Paul Hulbert said...

I don't know whether the Blesssed Jeremy was there, but I recall that the ever-so-slightly-bulkier Cyril Smith certainly was. The press coverage was about whether the hovercraft was overloaded. It looked a mess when I saw it on the beach a few days later.